Automotive Advertising Techniques

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PageLines- BannerandCutVinyl1.jpgCar wraps, magnetic signs, vinyl lettering, and decals are some of the most effective, efficient types of vehicle graphics available to promote your business. The case for using these advertising methods is airtight. Your company vehicles are on the streets regardless of whether they sport the factory paint job, custom decals and window stickers, or custom automotive graphics displayed in a full vinyl wrap. Doesn’t it make better sense to show your prospects your marketing message instead of a shiny paint job? Utilize one or more of the auto advertising methods mentioned below to do just that. You’ll be very happy you did when the phone rings.

Magnetic signs have been an option as long as magnets, cars, and business owners have existed. For less than a nice dinner at a good restaurant you can own a pair of magnetic signs. The drawback is that it looks like you have two magnetic signs stuck to your truck and it screams cheap. At least once in your magnetic signage ownership will you approach your truck to go somewhere only to find that your signage has been relocated. It’s usually pranksters unless there’s another business in town with the same name and address. And phone number. There are more effective options.

Vinyl lettering is another option for vehicle advertising. The vinyl used to wrap cars is the same vinyl used to produce vinyl lettering. Your text-based message is designed in special software then run through a wrap vinyl machine equipped with a cutter that cuts out the letters. Same concept and machinery is applied for odd-shaped logos and other decals and stickers, the end-game for which is to be applied and utilized as window graphics as well as on the auto-body itself. This option is better since the wrap vinyl lettering and stickers are applied with an adhesive that prevents the quick disappearance act that magnetic signs are susceptible to.

Vinyl window graphics usually cover the entire window. Decals, however, do not and are placed in an aesthetically pleasing pose. Both window decals and vinyl window graphics are produced from the same vinyl used to produce car wraps. One can either cover the window with vinyl wrap material that renders the window completely opaque or use a perforated window vinyl. Window-perf, is honey-combed with small holes that allow the driver and passenger to see out, but makes seeing into the vehicle virtually impossible. Thinking about having your windows tinted? Use window-perf and accomplish the same sun-deflecting objective while communicating your marketing message as a bonus! Very classy looking, affordable, uses the entire canvas of glass, and looks like you spent a million bucks. As a best practice, vinyl wraps in which the windows are also being wrapped will come standard with window-perf material.

Vinyl wraps are the final option. If your budget will not allow a full vinyl wrap then partial wraps are always an option. With the assistance of your wrap designer, which portion of your vehicle to be covered, typically up to one-half of the vehicle’s surface area, you can decide on a message, theme, and placement. Which portion of the vehicle is wrapped is between you and your wrap designer. Typically a design will be developed that allows the partial-wrap design to flow into the unwrapped portion of your wrapped car or truck. Please be aware that of all the options discussed, a full vinyl wrap will allow the widest choice of design options and flexibility. It’s also going to be the most cost effective form of automotive advertising you can obtain. A full vinyl wrap will typically cover all sides, the hood, trunk or tailgate but not the roof unless your vehicle sports a very low profile.

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