Benefits of a Car Wrap

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car wrap

What Can a Car Wrap Do for Your Business?

People today are inundated with advertising. Every type of media is saturated with ads, and you can’t go anywhere in a metropolitan or downtown area without seeing advertisements and marketing materials. Car wraps exist as an alternative to more traditional forms of advertising, and because they aren’t a traditional or expected form of advertising, they can work more effectively than other forms. Additionally, because of their novelty and uniqueness as well as how often they get seen, vehicle wraps may leave a greater impression on their viewers than other types of advertising or promotion. Best of all, when compared to most advertising methods, a car wrap is quite inexpensive.

car wrap

Use Novelty to Get Remembered

Cox Communications/Eagle Research did a study that found that nearly 50 percent of people surveyed viewed car wraps as the most unique form of advertising. Also, nearly 50 percent of those surveyed aged 18 to 24 found vehicle wrap advertising to be notably memorable. Vehicles with any kind of custom paint, custom wrapping or unique additions or alterations get noticed on the road. When you use a car wrap to advertise your business, your advertisement is likely to attract attention and get remembered. You Could Reach a Million Eyeballs a Day.
The Outdoor Advertising Association of America states that car wraps can reach between 300,000 and 700,000 viewers daily. Of course, this depends a lot on where and how often the wrapped vehicle is driven. A significant amount of driving in a high-traffic area will, of course, reach more people than only a few hours of driving a day in a rural area. With the right kind of exposure, however, a wrapped vehicle advertising your business can reach more people than print ads and Internet ads combined, and it can do so for a lot less money.

Your ROI Will Go Up

One of the most common ways of measuring a business’s ROI or return on investment is by cost per impression, often shortened to CPM. Cost per impression refers to the amount of money spent when broken down into the cost of each person who sees your ad. So if a magazine ad costs $5000, and the magazine circulates to 2500 readers, your CPM is $2.00. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America also states that the CPM for a prime-time ad lasting only 30 seconds in one of the 100 top TV markets is $17.78, while the CPM for vehicle wraps is only 77 cents. Best of all, once you get your vehicle wrapped, you don’t need to pay ongoing fees for additional time periods, more space or ad renewals.


A car wrap can be both a powerful and cost-effective way to advertise your business. Because of their uniqueness, vehicle wraps get noticed more often than other types of advertising. Also, when the vehicle is exposed to a lot of traffic, you increase the number of people you reach without incurring any extra costs (except, perhaps, the cost of gasoline). When compared with other forms of advertising, car wraps cost far less per impression, making them possibly the biggest advertising bargain available today.

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