Car Wrap ROI Return on Investment

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StoneWater Graphics Vehicle Wraps

StoneWater Graphics Vehicle WrapsIn today’s crowded marketplace, establishing your brand in the minds of consumers is a constant battle, to beat competing companies in the creativity and efficiency of marketing campaigns. Your marketing needs to be creative enough to make an impression with viewers and bring them to your company, while being cost-effective enough to be a sustainable part of your budget. Car wraps can fill that role because they occupy a unique niche in the advertising market that gives them wide exposure to a huge number of people per day, while several features also make them flexible and budget friendly.

A Unique Marketing Niche

Everyday, consumers are bombarded with more images, video clips, and sound bites all trying to sell something. From billboards to internet pages, every medium is growing increasingly crowded, resulting in each individual ad becoming less and less effective. But how many advertisements do you see on cars everyday? Probably not very many, and because of the relative rarity of car wrap advertisements, each ad you have on a car will have a greater impact on viewers than one on an already crowded medium like billboards. The novelty will also attract more attention from consumers, who have been conditioned to filter out types of ads that they are already used to.

Wide Exposure

According to the US Census, the average worker in the United States spends over 100 hours a year commuting to work. When you multiply that by the number of people commuting to work everyday, that becomes a huge and lucrative group of potential customers that is currently untapped. You can directly target that market with car wraps, which can easily reach thousands of commuters everyday. Also keep in mind that the US Census was only asking about hours spent commuting – but when time spent on the road for errands, pleasure, and other traveling are taken into account, the effectiveness of grows exponentially.

Value and Flexibility

Car wraps provide both value and flexibility because they can be rapidly and cheaply applied to vehicles, and smaller pieces can be added and removed as your marketing campaign adjusts and evolves to the needs of your company. Painting advertisements on cars does not have the same flexibility, and costs more time and money to apply than a car wrap. Likewise, billboards are more rigid in terms of the message you are trying to convey, and making changes can be a costly and time-wasting affair compared to the ease of applying or changing a car wrap. No other medium can approach a car wrap in terms of targeting drivers and passengers.

No Rent

One of the most enticing aspects of advertising through this method is that if you are applying them to your or your company’s own fleet of vehicles, you don’t have to pay additional rental fees associated with more traditional methods of advertising. Billboards, radio, tv, and internet ads all have rental fees on some level that will cost you per ad you run – even road-side sign spinners require an hourly fee. But with car wraps you only pay a one-time application fee and your ads can be displayed as long as you need them to be, making them an effective marketing tool that can be utilized long-term without breaking the budget

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