What Constitutes Effective Vehicle Graphic Design?

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SWG Red White Logo Main Site LogoVehicle wraps, or the vehicle graphics that we often see on trucks, buses, and light-rail trains, are one of the most effective forms of advertising. Until recently, these mobile billboards were made by painting the surface of the vehicle, but more innovative designers thought of using huge vinyl decals to cover the vehicle surface, thus the term “wraps.” Effective vehicle graphic design is one of the most important aspects to consider if you are planning to use wraps to market your business. Of course, you can let a professional vehicle wraps designer take care of these things for you, but as business owner, you always have the final say. Thus, you must be in the know. Here are four things you must be aware of:

1. You have a specific market to target.

When you first started your business, you envisioned the ideal buyer who constitutes your market. You have, most likely, defined the person who will buy from you based on his age, sex, location, marital status, socio-economic status, lifestyle, opinions, and attitudes. When you create a design for your vehicle wraps, keep your ideal buyer in mind and craft the design for that buyer. Your goal is not to catch everybody’s attention. It is to catch the attention of everybody who has a need or desire for your product.

2. Less is more.

If you saw an ad in the newspaper detailing the most specific details of the product being advertised in a long and drawn-out manner, will you want to keep reading or will you tune out? You will most likely tune out, especially if you were not even interested in the product being advertised in the first place. The same applies to vehicle graphics. Extremely flashy vehicle wraps or wraps that feature big, gaudy images in garish colors may catch attention, but not in a good way. Remember, audiences are intelligent and they choose tasteful ads over flamboyant graphics anytime.

3. Placement is key.

Designing vehicle wraps is different from designing, say, a billboard or a newspaper ad. For one thing, vehicles are not flat surfaces. Even trucks and buses have windows that affect the final design, although they are definitely much easier to work with than smaller vehicles such as cars and boats. Also, the wraps are created in smaller pieces. For instance, you create a design for the bumper, another for the hood, still another for the front door, etc. If possible, use a 3D template so you have a clear idea of how they will go around your vehicle.

4. The elements of a good design should be kept in mind.

However technical this may sound, there are key elements of a good advertisement, vehicle wraps or not. Keep these in mind: Attention. First of all, your wraps must catch people’s attention. Or else, you lose.

  • Visual Imagery. Get big pictures, bold and beautiful colors, but be sure your images give off the right message.
  • Contrast. Do not blend in. Stand out.
  • Uniqueness. Something out of the ordinary always piques people’s interests. Think of something new, funny, or unusual to tell your audience. Pique their interest.
  • Color. Use colors to evoke emotions. People associate different emotions with different colors. Use this to your advantage.

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