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grocery delivery

grocery delivery

Why Go Out for Groceries When They Can Come to You?

After a long day at work, the last thing most Dallas residents want to do is fight crowds at the grocery store before commuting home. Keith Marshall, proprietor of Average Joe’s Concierge, has solved this problem with a fast and affordable full service grocery delivery service for residents of the downtown Dallas metro area. For only $10 – less than the price of a delivery pizza – Average Joe’s customers can pick, place, and have their entire grocery order delivered to their door.

Currently, Average Joe’s Concierge offers their convenient services to the Downtown Dallas area, including Uptown, Antebellum, Oaklawn, Turtle Creek, and West Village. Due to popular demand, Average Joe’s is in the process of expanding to additional locations such as the University Park and Inwood Medical Park areas. The company has grown considerably from their humble beginnings in November of 2011, driven by a positive response from an ever-growing community of convenience-loving clients.

Average Joe’s Concierge: Downtown Dallas’s Personal Grocery Shopper

Marshall created Average Joe’s Concierge out of the frustration he experienced as a downtown shopper. When asked about the experience that led to the business’ inception, he cited the difficulty of finding a parking space, waiting in long lines after work, and struggling to carry a large load of groceries through apartment building elevators and stairs as a few of the problems his service eliminates. Marshall explained that during a particularly difficult personal grocery shopping trip, inspiration struck. He thought to himself, “If I want a Dallas grocery delivery service, I bet other people do too.” A little hard work later, Average Joe’s Concierge was born.

The process of ordering from the service’s website is very easy, and designed with the busy individual in mind. Once an account is created, the user can pull items ranging from fresh produce, meat, and cheese to liquor, cleaning products and personal care items into their digital cart. Once the order is complete, a 15-minute delivery window is selected and the user can simply kick back and relax knowing their groceries will be delivered to their door.

Average Joe’s Concierge even offers an option for unattended delivery where your groceries will be neatly packed in a box and reusable temperature-controlled bags, allowing clients to have their groceries waiting for them when they arrive home from work. The site’s features include a “new products” section to peruse the latest additions to the online store as well as an aisle-by-aisle listing to quickly locate desired groceries. Orders placed by 10am through the site are delivered same-day with no additional charges.

The Future of Average Joe’s Concierge

When discussing the popularity of his well-honed service, Marshall explains that his customers, “Like the prompt delivery, the impeccable customer service, and the time savings.” Incorporating this favorable reception into future ideas, Average Joe’s is currently working on business office delivery options as well as a dry cleaning service to further benefit the clients of his downtown Dallas grocery delivery service.

If you happen to live in the Average Joe’s service area, give them a call at 214-310-1196 to benefit from their services, or find them at

Keith Marshall, of Average Joe’s Concierge, recently had one of his delivery vehicles wrapped with us at StoneWater Graphics. We decided to profile Keith’s business as yet another one of our happy customers.  StoneWater Graphics can be reached at 214-425-5934, and you can find Keith at

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