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No Bluster – Just Results

Central Mechanical LogoWhen the temperature rises, the speed at which a home or business can go from uncomfortably hot to luxuriously cool is entirely dependent on the building’s HVAC system. With Caesar Sztajnert and his loyal team of Central Mechanical pros ready to service any HVAC in the Dallas metroplex area, that cool comfort is only a phone call away. Central Mechanical specializes in installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC systems for buildings large and small, with a special emphasis on upkeep programs for large, professional offices. With 15 years of experience in the nuances of climate control and ventilation, Sztajnert’s knowledge and passionate dedication to performing a fairly-priced, reliable job for each client is what has set this company ahead of Dallas HVAC competitors for many years.

The only hot air this company stands for is the heating elements they service. Before each job, guarantees are put in writing without hesitation, offering valuable piece of mind to the budget managers and building maintenance crews that hire Sztajnert and his team. Patch jobs and temporary fixes simply aren’t in their vocabulary, and a guiding principle of doing things the “old fashioned” way demands quality components in their work, as well as a level of polite, careful workmanship that’s become all too rare in the service industry. Clients can attest that Central Mechanical not only cleans up after a job, they also take into account noise and hassle for working office staff during their initial planning.  As Sztajnert himself mentions, when asked about his competition, “These days, the quality of materials, of workmanship, even personnel – it’s just going down and down. It used to be the customer was number one, now that’s an issue for our competitors. We’re doing things the old fashioned way, though – when we do it, we do it right.”

Word of Mouth Wonders

Despite their ever-growing client base, Central Mechanical does not use outside sales to get the word out – they’ve experienced just as much success through word of mouth. Their corporate clients are so pleased with their consistent, reliable HVAC performance that a larger-than-life reputation precedes this small, efficient company. In an industry where even a single bad client experience can dramatically impact the opportunities of a service provider, it speaks volumes that Central Mechanical doesn’t use outside sales to draw in customers – their own successes do the work for them.

Superior Through Specialization

Some companies try to do it all – drywall, tiling, landscaping, even masonry in addition to providing HVAC services. This often leads to a “Jack of All Trades” complex that effectively reduces professional results with every bullet point. Central Mechanical concentrates on HVAC concerns alone, ensuring that their focus is on this vital comfort component, and not on decorative shrubbery. If your building is unhappy with your current HVAC service provider, why risk even one more day of broken or malfunctioning ventilation or climate control? For the sake of your staff, inventory, and even business flow, it’s time to pick up the phone and discover what Central Mechanical can do for you.

Whether you are from Plano, Allen, Frisco or Richardson, we provide our services to all! All our services are guaranteed in writing for your peace of mind. Call them at 972-808-9696 or visit their website at http://www.centralmechanical.net/ for more information.

Central Mechanical recently had one of their service vehicles wrapped with us at StoneWater Graphics. We decided to profile this business as yet another one of our happy customers.  StoneWater Graphics can be reached at 214-425-5934, and you can find Central Mechanical at 972-808-9696.




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