If you need any type of retail graphics we can probably help you. Our offerings include posters, banners, window graphics, floor graphics, and point-of-purchase materials. These elements are advertising channels and are best used in conjunction with an organized marketing campaign.

Retail Graphics

Windows are billboards. Make them sell! Utilize all of the space or just a part of it (check your local city ordinances) but don’t waste the opportunity to tell the world what you do and what you’re offering.

Floor Graphics

Once you have attracted customers into your store with your window graphics, tell them what you want them to know with floor graphics. Let your imagination wander. Make them aware of seasonal specials. Give them directions on how to find related items in your store. The possibilities are endless and the creativity that can be incorporated into the design will have them telling their friends about it. Sounds like this might be good for business!


The range of materials that we can print on with our large format, digital color machinery is vast so a discussion with one of our reps is probably in order on that point.  Quantity minimums begin at 1 or we can print thousands.

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If you have a brick-n-mortar business, your storefront windows are the gateway into your business. Your windows are what entice customers in off the street. The more attractive your windows are, the more likely there will be an increase in traffic. Storefront window graphics have been an integral part of the retail experience for as long as have been retailers. Shoppers respond well to storefront windows that are visually appealing and reveal what they might find inside. Stone Water Graphics can create any type of graphics, from your company logo to any other custom window graphic, which are quickly and professionally designed and installed on your storefront windows.

From mom-n-pop shops to big-box stores, Stone Water Graphics produces high-quality original window graphics for businesses and storefronts. We have the experience and expertise to produce high-quality vinyl printing that can be used on a variety of window types. Stone Water Graphics can cover any size or number of windows, and our crack team of designers and technicians guarantee only the highest quality products and customer service. Remember that for all your custom business window graphics and storefront graphics, contact Stone Water Graphics to get started today!